Jordan Farmers

Alumni Success Stories: Jordan Farmer

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Jordan Farmer attended Fairbairn College from 2017 and matriculated in 2021.

She is currently studying toward a degree in Human Life Sciences, Biology & Psychology at the University of Stellenbosch.

Jordan says that by being awarded a Kay Mason Foundation scholarship she was able to attend the school of her dreams.

“I received the best education in the country. The KMF gave me something that no one can ever take away from me , and that’s something very vital to my academic career.

“They have paved the way for my future and dreams that I wish to accomplish. The KMF has invested so much time in me and allowing me to be the best version of myself , the burden has been lifted off my family’s shoulders, which we will ever be grateful for.”

Her future studies…

Jordan Farmer maintains that the excellent education she received at Fairbairn College laid the foundation for her aspirations to study further after school and obtain a tertiary qualification.

“The education I received contributed to me getting into the University of my dreams.

“The foundation has been very helpful in assisting me with bursary applications and with mentorship which has been helpful through this amazing journey.”

Jordan says she would love to become involved with mentoring students in the future, but since she is in her first year at university, she is understandably still finding her feet as she adjusts to the hectic schedule and the demands of the degree she is studying.

On her lasting impressions of her time at the KMF she had this to say…

“I feel the attention and time spent with each student (individually) was amazing. The Kay Mason Foundation is a support system for many learners and they are doing an incredible job.”

We wish Jordan Farmer the best of luck with her studies and are confident she will do her family and all of us at the KMF proud.

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