Alumni Success Stories: Amy Fredericks

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Our KMF scholars are encouraged to pursue their dreams and Amy Fredericks certainly did that after concluding her education at Camps Bay High School.

Amy travelled and lived in the USA for three years and completed courses at PACE University in upstate New York.

Today she is the Executive Assistant to a Chief Operating Officer.

“After High school I was able to travel and live in the USA which I don’t think would have been possible without the opportunities given to me through the [Kay Mason] Foundation. The person I am today is because of people who believed in me and through the platforms made possible through KMF.”

She says that the KMF scholarship turned her life around, not only for her but for her entire family. Through the scholarship she was able to attend an ‘awesome high school,’ and she received the education that she’d always dreamt of.

“My education has always been important to me and it was the only stable thing I had going at the time, I knew I had to hold on, and to this day the Kay Mason Foundation has been my biggest blessing in so many ways, and I will forever be grateful for the opportunities that I have been given.”

How KMF impacted her and her family

“Growing up I was raised by a single parent who was raising three girls at the time, so the chances of me attending a good high school seemed almost impossible in terms of the financial state that we were in.”

Alumni Success Stories: Amy Fredericks

The Kay Mason Foundation financed the five year duration of Amy Fredericks’ High School career, and also assisted with tutoring, mentorship, textbooks and stationery.

“The Kay Mason Foundation scholarship really helped to ease the financial burden on my mother. Through the scholarship we were able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and one of my sisters was able to attend the same school as I did. She is currently studying at UWC to become a social worker.

“Years ago, none of these accomplishments seemed possible or obtainable. The KMF changed the perspective for all of us and has truly been a key role in laying the foundation on the road to success for me and my family.”

While Amy has a busy career in front of her, she says she’d be delighted to mentoring students in the future.

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