Amina Abdullah

Alumni Success Stories: Amina Abdullah

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Amina Abdullah was a KMF bursary scholar from 2005 to 2008 and attended Livingstone High School in Claremont, Western Cape.

After completing her schooling Amina studied Biotechnology as an undergraduate and completed a BTech: Quality and a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health.

Currently, Amina Abdullah works at the Desmond Tutu Centre as a QA and Regulatory Officer.

The Impact of the KMF Scholarship on Amina Abdullah’s life

“The Kay Mason Foundation scholarship has made a significant impact on my life.”

Amina says she is amazed to see how the KMF has grown since her time.

“Having this scholarship has taught me so many life lessons and I am forever grateful that I was given this opportunity, I have experienced so much through the KMF scholarship.

“I met so many wonderful individuals throughout my time at the KMF, it is also amazing to see how the NPO has grown from then up until now. “

Family Values

Amina laments at the way the KMF goes beyond financial support to instill family values.

“Besides being a great help financially, I can honestly say that the KMF has shaped the person I am today, encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone and always striving for the best no matter the situation.

“Former CEO, Noeline was such an inspiration to me, and I have no doubt that she was to the rest of the Kay Mason Foundation scholars, too.”

“I am blessed to have met to have met such an amazing person and I wish her the best in all aspects that life has in store for her and of course I feel immensely honored to have met Richard also.”

Beyond Scholarship

Looking back at her time at the KMF, Amina Abdullah says she feel that the organisation went “above and beyond” to assist their scholars and meet all their needs.

“The Kay Mason Foundation has contributed to my studies and career path by exposing me to different things such as the Typographic Good workshop, which took place at CPUT in October 2015. This was organised by the KMF, and it was actually what sparked my interest in in the field of design.”

Amina continues to study while working for the Desmond Tutu Centre and evolve her career path. We wish her all the best for her future.

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