Success Stories

Khanya Gulwa Seteni

“I was introduced to the KMF when I was only in Grade 7. My mother was a single parent and back then she had to work shifts to take care of us and most nights I was left home alone. I remember before I got the scholarship the social development team came to my home to do home visitations. I attended St. Paul and then in my grade 8 year I was sent to Camp’s Bay High School. During my time at the KMF, I had learnt so much and if I was struggling with anything, they made provision for assistance. They assisted me with stationery, and even camps. I was chosen as one of the top 10 learner’s and I knew this was my one opportunity to make a success of my life and I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. My other was also very supportive and she pushed me and motivated me all the way”