The KMF’s model, refined over two decades, comes down to three words: Selection, Accountability and Support


Choosing the right scholars is critical. Candidates apply to us aged 11, and those who make it through our selection process become Junior Scholars – attending enrichment programs every Saturday.
We don’t just look at academic grades. Doing so would exclude talented kids who have had poor primary educations. Instead, we’ve designed a holistic assessment tool that allows anyone to demonstrate their potential, whatever their background.


Through their time with us, KMF Scholars abide by high standards. They show up, they work hard, they throw themselves into their opportunities. Those who struggle are supported to the max.
The best Junior Scholars are chosen as Senior Scholars. The KMF supports them at a range of excellent high schools. Our bursary covers essentials like transport, school fees, food, stationery, textbooks and uniforms. But what helps KMF Scholars outperform their peers is the love and individual attention they receive.


We treat every KMF Scholar as an individual, working with them on personal development, public speaking, study skills, goal setting, critical and analytical thinking, problem solving, volunteering and mentoring.

The Kay Mason Foundation supports its scholars individually at each programme level.

Recruitment - Grade 6

Annually, we review over 300 applications. Each child’s financial need, academic performance, and behaviour are taken into consideration through:

  • Interviews
  • Group Activities
  • Academic Assessment
Junior Programme - Grade 7

From Recruitment, we choose the most talented candidates to join our Junior Programme. These scholars receive:

  • Academic Tutoring
  • Life skills Workshops
  • Developmental Camps
  • Psycho-social development
Senior Programme - Grade 8 - 12

The most committed Junior candidates are chosen to join the Senior Programme. Here, scholars receive:

  • 5-year bursary
  • Academic Tutoring
  • Life-Skills Workshops
  • Mentorship Programmes
  • Parent Support Group
  • Male/Female Support Group
  • Developmental Camps
Alumni Programme

Successful scholars who complete our Senior Programme become proud KMF Alumni. We continue to work with them to provide opportunities for:

  • Networking
  • Skill Development Workshops
  • Serve as mentors for current scholars

Additional Support programmes

The Kay Mason Foundation offers scholars, where available, a KMF Buddy. This is an adult person or family that will provide a source of emotional support and encouragement to the scholar during their schooling. This partnership benefits both parties by exposing learners to new experiences and adults to the satisfaction of giving back.

Releasing Eagles facilitates our Mentorship Programme with their own coaches. These coaches train KMF Alumni in turn to become mentors. Almuni are then able to pass on their knowledge to KMF scholars and others in the course of their lives.

The KMF Parent Support Group is facilitated by a qualified Purpose Coach and takes place once a month. This support group aims to provide the parents of KMF scholars with support and guidance as their children progress through school.

The KMF Male Scholars and KMF Female Scholars Support Groups are two programmes that support both girls and boys separately. The aim of the group is to provide a safe and contained space where learners can discuss challenges and support each other along this journey.

Lastly, Inside Out Me is a Youth Group Mentoring Programme for our Grade 9 KMF scholars. It is run by a clinical psychologist and is specifically created for this challenging year of school and adolescence. The programme motivates scholars to search for and explore their true identity in a supportive and therapeutic environment.

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