KMF Career Expo Day – a transformative experience

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On 26 June we held our inaugural KMF Career Expo Day at the Oceana Maritime Academy in Hout Bay, Western Cape, South Africa.

The Kay Mason Foundation’s approach to scholarships goes beyond the norm of simply providing financial support.

Placing our scholars in good schools and providing the financial support they need is integral to their growth and success.

Our holistic approach also includes academic, social and emotional support and through our various programs, our KMF scholars are given guidance, mentorship and access to a many more resources to help them on their journey to becoming future leaders of industry.  

This is why our KMF Career Expo was a significant milestone. It was another big step forward in developing our scholars for their futures.

CEO, Lauren Bright sums it up best…

“When I reflect on our inaugural KMF Career Expo, I am reminded of the fundamental purpose that drove us to host this event.

“It was all about providing high school students with a transformative experience—an opportunity to explore diverse career paths and options, to be inspired by accomplished speakers, and to build meaningful connections with professionals. Our first Career Expo was a celebration of empowerment, equipping the next generation with the knowledge and motivation to pursue their dreams and make informed decisions about their future.

“We firmly believe that igniting this spark of curiosity and ambition will shape the trajectories of these students, ultimately making a positive impact on their lives and the communities they serve.”

KMF Career Day Partners

Hosted in association with Oceana Maritime Academy and DHL Global forwarding South Africa the event provided an insightful opportunity for our scholars to learn about different career options as they prepare for the next chapter of their educational journey.

Several alumni students also joined us to share their knowledge and experiences with our scholars.

“For me to have sat in the same seats as the KMF students and then to come back today to inspire them to get into the IT world, just means to the world,” Asongezwa Sitwebile, KMF Alumnus & Yoco Software Developer.

Our KMF Career Expo Day was a fantastic success, and we could not have done it without our wonderful partners who brought their expertise to the event and shared their invaluable knowledge.

Thank all our partners for their involvement:

KMF Career Expo Day – a transformative experience

Feedback from our partners

“What was exciting for me today was the amount of young people that were showing interest in Corporate Social Investment.”

CSI Manager the Oceana Group, Ali Sayed, was one of our guest speakers at last month’s KMF Expo Day.

Watch what he had to say about the event, our scholars, and his impressions of the Kay Mason Foundation.

“We like the way they do things [Kay Mason Foundation]. It’s not just about giving scholarships. It’s also about coaching, helping, giving advice.” – Clement Blanc, CEO, DHL Sub Saharan Africa

DHL Global forwarding South Africa is a primary donor and supporter of the KMF.

Clement was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to offer career advice to our scholars at the KMF Expo Day held in June. 

“One of our core programs is ‘Go Teach,’ and this fits really nicely into it as education is really important.” – Jessica De Robillard, CFO, DHL Sub Saharan Africa

Jessica offers feedback on the KMF Expo and explain why the Foundation is the ideal partnership for DHL.    

“Sometimes people don’t know where they want to go, so I think just probing that and helping people navigate uncertainty.” – Amanda Bergoff, Head of HR, Flash

Flash is a vital partner in the Foundation’s goal to offer holistic support for our scholars.

“Equal Experts takes social responsibility quite seriously beyond just what we have to do, so supporting groups like Kay Mason and just helping them give scholars an opportunity to create jobs, get into jobs, support families, can only be beneficial for the country as a whole.” – Steve Riley, Business Lead, Equal Experts

Visit this page for more on how to get involved.