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Here at the Kay Mason Foundation SA Trust we regularly see how rewarding it is for our donors to witness how their financial contribution is helping a disadvantaged child grow and develop to their full potential. Through receiving quality education, our scholars move from a world of very little hope, to a world of opportunities and achievement. They work extremely hard to utilise every opportunity to its fullest and it is very special to see how these children grow into mature and committed young adults and leaders.

It is never nice to think or talk of dying but all of us would like to know that, should we pass on, everything we have worked hard for in life is passed on to our loved ones and the causes we care about. It is therefore very important to make a will which specifies your wishes.

It is very special to know we are passing on something special to others, knowing that once you are no longer here, you are still making a significant positive impact on someone else’s life. With your will you can leave a legacy, a testimony of your beliefs and values, through the Kay Mason Foundation, ensuring that disadvantaged children receive quality education and making a lasting difference in each scholar’s life and that of their families and communities, helping us to build a nation of positive leaders.
No matter how big or small, all of it contributes to ensuring quality education for KMF Scholars.

How do I add the Kay Mason Foundation SA Trust to my Will?
This legacy is called a bequest.
If you are setting up a new will, please stipulate in your will that you want to bequeath an amount to the Kay Mason Foundation South Africa Trust (IT 397/2011 and NPO 091-988). You may stipulate the amount or the percentage of your estate you want to leave to the Kay Mason Foundation.

If you already have a will, you can make a minor change to it without having to redo the whole document. You can do this by just adding a supplement, known as a codicil, which is then attached to your original will.

If you have added the Kay Mason Foundation SA Trust to your Will, please let us know, in order for us to thank you and to discuss any specific wishes you may have for this gift.

You may contact Noëline de Goede at telephone number: 021 – 917 1853 or via e-mail noeline@kmf.org.za


We truly thank you for your kind consideration and support!