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BEE Opportunities


Facilitating mutually beneficial partnerships

BBBEE offers South African companies an opportunity to assist the KMF to grow its work.

Socio-Economic Development (SED) or Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is one of the most recognized ways used by companies to ‘give back’ to their communities while building brand loyalty and earning B-BBEE points. The new BEE codes, provide for even more opportunities where companies can benefit from their contributions to non-profit organisations.

The Kay Mason Foundation has been verified Level 1 B-BBEE compliant with a beneficiary status of 95% Black and can supply donors with the following B-BBEE points*:

Depending on whether you are an Exempt Micro Enterprise (less than R10m turnover per annum), Qualifying Small Enterprises (R10m – R50m per annum) or a Generic Company (above R50m per annum), the following can apply:

B-BBEE Pillar Score Requirement

Social Economic Development

up to 5 points

when spending 1% of nett profit after tax on the KMF.

Skills Development

up to 8 points

when donating between 3% to 6% (depending on your company size) of payroll on skills development initiatives.

Black Ownership

While the current model for Black Ownership with regards to donation to NPO’s with a beneficiary base of more than 75% Black is under review, there are still good opportunity to partner with the KMF in this regard.

*While the KMF cannot provide advice regarding BEE scoring, we gladly refer you to our BEE advisors at the Signa Group at 021 974 6301 or sigrid@signa.co.za to find out more on how your company can establish a mutually beneficial BEE partnership with the Kay Mason Foundation.

Tax Benefits

The Kay Mason is approved as a Public Benefit Organisation, registration no. 93003244. This allows donations received to be tax deductible to donors in terms of, and subject to the limitations prescribed under Section 18A of the Income Tax Act.

As an individual, you are also allowed to make a donation to a maximum of 10% of your net taxable income to a Public Benefit Organisation. The Kay Mason Foundation will provide you with the required tax certificate for inclusion in your annual tax return.