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KMF Mentor programme

This programme is facilitated by Releasing Eagles.

They have their own mentors and coaches and they will also train KMF Alumni to become mentors. Each mentor also receives their own coach.

The KMF scholars who join this programme will be the mentees and each mentee will receive their own mentor, whom they will connect with.

Ms Pamela Marais is the Western Cape Co-ordinator of Releasing Eagles and she will communicate with you via e-mail. You will receive a date on which you will meet all the mentors and choose whom you would like to have as your mentor via a “dating” workshop. The date of this workshop will be circulated.

Your mentor will provide you with guidance, advise, support and information, helping you to cope with life and make good decisions in life. You will set up your own meeting schedule with your mentor, and the two of you will decide when you need to meet in person or chat via phone or what works best for you.

You also need to attend the following RE training sessions for the year:

20 May: 9h00 am – 15h00:  This will focus on EQ, Emotional Intelligence
22 July: 9h00 – 15h00: This will focus on FQ, Financial Intelligence
7 October: 9h00 – 15h00: This will focus on PQ, Physical intelligence