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KMF Buddy Programme

KMF Scholars who are interested could be linked up with a KMF Buddy. This is an adult person/s or family that will become a support system to you (not financially) and who is there to expose you to life experiences (things that you would not normally experience), provide emotional support and encouragement.

Most of our KMF buddies are active in the business sector. Please note that we do our best to place at least 2 KMF scholars together with a buddy for risk management and that we try to match a scholar with a buddy iro personality, interests and needs.

Before a buddy link is confirmed the scholars and their parents must meet up with the buddy and the parents must sign a permission form, stating that they are in agreement with the buddy placement. Each buddy and his/her KMF scholar will set up their own arrangements iro when they meet, how often and how they will connect. KMF can thus not stipulate a time frame for this interaction. We would suggest not more than once per month.

Currently we do not have more buddies available, but it is an ongoing process for us to recruit suitable buddies for this programme. We also interview and do a police check on all our buddies to ensure the best opportunities for our Scholars. It might therefore take some time to find a suitable buddy for every scholar who wishes to join this programme. Please be patient with us and consider joining the mentorship and/or support group programmes in the meanwhile as these will also provide you with plenty support.

Adults and/or families wishing to join the Buddy programme can contact us here.