Richard Mason - Founder

The idea for the Kay Mason Foundation formed when Richard Mason’s first novel, The Drowning People, became a bestseller.

A proud South African, Mason identified the need in his home country for quality education for disadvantaged children.

The book’s great success provided Mason the opportunity to address this challenge by personally sponsoring four exceptional learners.

After triumphing in high school, each one went on to university.

This inspiring result gave life to the Kay Mason Foundation, an NGO named after Mason’s late sister.

Geared to support and educate holistically, its vision is to secure South Africa’s future leadership through its graduates.


Sue van der Merwe - Chairperson

Sue van Der Merwe is currently a Member of Parliament, where she has served in various capacities since 1996 including as a parliamentary whip and Parliamentary Counsellor to President Mbeki.

She currently serves on the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry. Ms van der Merwe was previously the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for the period 2004 to 2010. In addition, she serves as an elected member of the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress. Ms van der Merwe believes the Kay Mason Foundation and its scholars are inspiring in their combined commitment to achieving a better education for all.


Derek Dykman - Kay Mason Foundation SA Trustee


Lynda Cooper - Kay Mason Foundation SA Trustee


Dakin Parker - Kay Mason Foundation Independent Treasurer


Noëline de Goede CEO


Chrismaine Stoop Scholar co-ordinator


Lindie-Maree Ammon - Finance and Administration Manager