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KMF History and Background

Started in 1999 and officially founded as a Non-Profit Organisation in 2002 by novelist Richard Mason in memory of his sister, the Kay Mason Foundation (KMF) eliminates barriers to quality education for underprivileged South Africans. The foundation aims to empower learners and their families through education to bridge the opportunity gap which is one of South Africas greatest challenges. We believe that we can help build a better nation through quality education.

Under the patronage of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, the KMF works to identify and assist the leaders of tomorrow - the young people who can bring about the positive social change and development on which South Africa’s future success depends. With a 99% Grade 12 pass rate, our track record speaks for itself. Since 1999 we have developed practical, emotional and academic support structures to help disadvantaged young people in all ethnic groups achieve their full potential.


‘A Hand-Up, Not a Hand-Out’ – Archbishop Desmond Tutu:
The KMF works in partnership with families and provides funds only after a full investigation of financial need. The secret of our success lies in our focus on the individual - his or her circumstances, needs, family situation and potential. No child is a number to us. Our staff is extremely dedicated staff and provide each of our scholars with the psycho-social support they need. We have individually-tailored financial packages, regularly readjusted, to ensure that families receive a minimum amount of financial assistance required to provide their child a successful future.

We partner with top-achieving government schools in the Western Cape which produce excellent results that are affordable and offer our scholars a holistic education, equipped with the tools to become leaders in their communities and in their country. The KMF endeavours to identify future leaders, also keeping in mind that you need not be a rocket scientist to make a significant impact on the world. Our graduates are characterised by their confidence, poise, and decisiveness in debate, independent thought and care for others - qualities they develop in the KMF Support Programme.