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26 May 2017

Friday 26 May is National Tekkie Tax Day

The National Fundraising Campaign where thousands of people, companies, schools and others come together to show that South Africans care about their communities!

What is the Tekkie Tax campaign?

The first Tekkie Tax campaign took place in 2013 and a whopping R2.4 million was raised. Since then the campaign raised R22,1 million for verified charitable organisations throughout the country! After the annual audit in October, all proceeds are distributed to participating beneficiaries like KMF by the end of November every year. The project is supported by hundreds of thousands of people and we are thankful to each and every one for joining in the fun. Thanks to you and people and companies like you, this is quickly becoming the most significant national fundraising campaign in SA.

How does it work?

  1. Members of the public are asked to choose a Tekkie Tax sticker. You choose one (or ALL!) of five sectors to contribute to: Animals, Bring Hope, Children, Disability, Education (KMF falls in the Education sector - Pick Me! Pick Me!) and complete this order form to order your stickers and free posters.
  2. Next step is to buy a pair of our funky Tekkie Tag shoelaces. Order these with this order form.
  3. On Friday, 26 May you can dress up or down (it really does not matter) but remember to wear your sticker and your tekkies dressed in their special new laces.

What does it cost?

A sticker alone is R10 and the Tekkie Tag shoelaces are R35 a packet (including your sticker and VAT).



If you have the privilege of seeing many, many people every day, you have the power to affect mega change in your community! Whether it be your colleagues at work, the other kids at your school or the buddies at the gym - you can help us to distribute far more stickers that we can do alone. Contact us at the detail above, or on the Contact Us page.

For your Company

There are some really great ways in which your company can become involved in Tekkie Tax 2017. Many companies uses the Tekkie Tax Friday as a teambuilding opportunity, add some fancy dress competitions and encourage all their staff to participate. Some companies even match the amount of stickers bought by employees!!

Benefits for your company:

  • Great team-building opportunity
  • Does not necessarily cost the company anything (staff buy their own stickers and laces)
  • Opportunity for lots of photographs, showing off how your company participate in activities that supports the communities that we live in
  • The best of all: The process for running Tekkie Tax in your company has been standardised with easy process documents and no risk involved. Contact us at resourcedev@kmf.org.za if you want to know more.

Companies, Schools and other Organisations (order your stickers here!)

Tekkie Tax is perhaps one of the most fun opportunities to have a great team-building event to strengthen staff-relations, or to operate at your school to teach our children the value of assisting in our communities. Be the change in your school or company - contact us today.

Get your sticker(s) from the Kay Mason Foundation by ordering it from this form, or contacting us directly at resourcedev@kmf.org.za or 021 917 1853. Wear your sticker on your t-shirt, wedding gown or your designer suit – whatever you will be wearing on Friday, 26 May – Only then will you have permission to wear your tekkies!  

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