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01 Sep 2015

Become a Link in our Chain of Change

You may think that one R50/$10/£10 cannot make a big difference, but did you know that your R50/$10/£10 will change a life forever??
The aim of the Building Leaders Chain of Change Campaign is the commitment of:
  • 1,000 people donating only R50/$10/£10 per month; and
  • 100 people donating R1,000/$100/£100 per month. 

What does it mean to create a Chain of Change:

Only with the dedicated support of you and the people you know are we able to continue providing deserving children with a quality education. We can only achieve this goal of sustainable change with the assistance of ordinary people around the world who are willing to do the extraordinary – through a conscious decision to make a difference with their contribution.

We however want to challenge you to go one step further and take up the challenge with us to spread this campaign throughout the world and get as many people as possible to become an active link in our campaign. This is where every link in our chain becomes truly valuable and helps to create massive change for children who truly deserves it. Every R50/$10/£10 helps to pay for the textbooks, stationery, transport, uniform and school fees of a child and the more links we have in our chain the more lives we can change. Our aim is to support a minimum of 75 High School scholars per year at a cost of approximately R30,000 / $3000/ £1 667 per scholar per year.

We know that everyone cannot afford to make big financial donations and we know that people want to feel certain that their money will be used to really effect sustainable change in this world. This campaign therefor gives you the chance to directly support a child through a small monthly donation. Every person who takes the decision to join our campaign and signs up for a monthly debit order directly helps to send a deserving young child to school. If you would like to receive more information about our scholars and the costs for each scholar please request this information from noeline@kmf.org.za


The Growing Impact of our Chain of Change

1 x R50/$10/£10 per month =
One child receives all the necessary textbooks or stationery while attending a quality high school for one year
10 x R50/$10/£10 per month =
One child receives textbooks, stationery a uniform and transport for a year

100 x R50/$10/£10 per month =

Two children sponsored, in full, to attend a quality high school for a year


Your contribution does not just give a child an education, it also:

  • Immediately changes the lives of a talented child and his/her family;
  • Helps this child to get a quality education and to become successful, taking this child out of the poverty cycle;
  • This child takes his / her family out of poverty;
  • The child can study after school, is employable and contributes towards the economy;
  • Reduce the crime rate by reducing unemployment;
  • Builds young people with integrity , understanding that you need to work hard for your own future;
  • Builds ethical leaders for our country’s future, able and ready to give back to others less fortunate than themselves; and
  • Creating a better world for all.

How to become an active link in our Chain of Change Campaign

You have the choice to give R50/$10/£10 or more per month. It is as easy as to click on our hyperlink which will take you directly to our secure online payment platform. Please remember to choose the recurring monthly payment option to make sure that you sign up for a recurring monthly donation.

Become a Link
You create an important Link in the Chain of Change by signing up for a R50/$10/£10 per month donation. Your commitment will change lives forever!
Help grow our Chain
Take up the challenge to become a Chain of Change Champion and get your friends, colleagues and family to sign up as Links in the campaign.


Thank you for your support to help the Kay Mason Foundation in

Building Leaders.

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